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 Vector Illustration

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PostSubject: Vector Illustration   Mon Jun 15, 2015 12:25 pm

So I've been thinking about vectors because I actually quite enjoy making them but I know Illustrator can seem like a huge hairy beast to a lot of people.
My friend puts together this burlesque/comedy show (linked so you can see the old ones if you want) and I help her out by doing the illustrations for the posters.
I was going to try to talk about them in any kind of coherency with a bunch of screencaps but then I realized it really is just easier to watch so I took a process video!
I think in full from sketch to completion it probably took about 2-3hours? The video is sped up 300% so it wouldn't be like a 40 minute ordeal ah haha. Sorry I missed recording the beginning of it since I started it at work actually.

My original sketches for vector stuff are embarrassingly messy and sloppy since I know I'm gonna be fixing a lot in computer ah haha.
Then here's the final product!

I'm posting to process rather than finished since I actually very much enjoy this process, I find vectoring relaxing so I'd rather open a discussion about it.
I am by no means an expect but I'd be glad to help anyone who has questions.

To start off I basically do everything 100% with the pen tool. Since these are simple flat graphics it's pretty easy. A lot of pauses in action in the video are me stumbling around using keyboard shortcuts to move things, like when stuff will suddenly jump above or below something else. What I like about illustrator is it's really easy to keep things separated and except for when I did the butt fluff/feathers it was all one layer.
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Vector Illustration
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